Santa Rosa CA Automotive Belt & Hose Service & Repair

Santa Rosa Hydramatic provides complete belt and hose repair for all types of vehicles at our Santa Rosa Hydramatic auto repair shop. The Santa Rosa Hydramatic technicians know that the hoses and belts in vehicles have a critical role in the smooth operation of the engine, air conditioner, charging and cooling systems in your car or truck. Failure to adhere to recommended replacement schedules set by the manufacturer can cause your vehicle to break down and leave you stranded on the roads of Santa Rosa Hydramatic.

Our shop in Santa Rosa Hydramatic repairs belts in your auto that keep your vehicle operating properly including the serpentine belt, drive belt, fan belt (V-Belt), and timing belt. Timing belts maintain the synchronization required for the camshaft and crankshaft to keep the timing of your engine in order. Power is transferred from the front of the engine to various accessories in your car or truck, including the air conditioning and charging systems by the serepentine belt, V-belt, and fan belts. Coolant fluid passing through the engine, radiator, and heater core via the upper and lower radiator hoses and heater hose.

Timing belts are not used in all vehicles. The serpentine or drive belts are used by your auto to supply the power necessary for accessories. Other autos use a combination of the drive belts and serpentine belt to power accessories.

Differing Santa Rosa Hydramatic driving conditions can lead to the wear and tear of your auto's belts and hoses. These may include the age and mileage of your vehicle, belt tensions, failure of hose clamps, contaminated oil, and electrolytic corrosion. Signs that may indicate you are having problems with the belts or hoses in your car include the presence of squeaking noises, coolant leaks, dashboard warning lights, air conditioning failure, and overheating of the engine. So whatever your car or truck repair or service need may be, bring your vehicle to our Santa Rosa Hydramatic auto shop and let the team of automotive repair professionals at Santa Rosa Hydramatic be of service to you.