About Us

Santa Rosa Hydramatic is a family-owned transmission repair shop in Santa Rosa that has been servicing the vehicles of our Santa Rosa County customers since opening our transmission shop 1956.

Customers' Trust

The keyword at our transmission repair business is TRUST. The ownership, office staff, rebuilders, and technicians at Santa Rosa Hydramatic strive to be a friendly, problem-solving, courteous, and informative group of people. In fact nothing excites our team more than solving customers' transmission problems. We know that having a problem with an automobile can be stressful. That is why we want to make the experience of getting a transmission fixed or rebuilt at our auto repair shop in Santa Rosa to be anything but complicated. In fact, we want customers to feel right at home when they visit our service center. Our team also realizes that there are other transmission repair shops in Santa Rosa that would love the chance to fix our customers' transmission problems. This is why we make sure customers feel as if they are part of the Santa Rosa Hydramatic family. In fact the goal of Santa Rosa Hydramatic is to be the best transmission repair shop in Santa Rosa.

Unequaled Repair & Service

Santa Rosa Hydramatic hires only the best transmission rebuilders and specialists at our shop in Santa Rosa. We do not hire ordinary car mechanics, rather our team is made up of professionally-trained and qualified automotive transmission rebuilders that are ASE Certified Technicians. Customers of Santa Rosa Hydramatic often find that the quality of our teams' vehicle repair services exceed their expectation of finding an transmission repair shop in Santa Rosa.

Our technicians and rebuilders understand and appreciate that the vehicles they repair are used for transportation to and from work, transporting precious cargo, and getting around the Santa Rosa area for important appointments and errands. In other words the vehicles they service are important to and depended upon by our customers.

Come Say Hello

Santa Rosa Hydramatic invites anyone in Santa Rosa, or the surrounding Santa Rosa County area, that is either new to our community or unsatisfied with their current automotive service needs, to stop by our transmission shop located at 104 College Avenue in Santa Rosa or call us during business hours at 707 542 0303 to say hello. Our team would enjoy getting to know you better over a cup of coffee while discussing the specific service needs for your vehicle(s). We would appreciate the opportunity to show you why year after year, and since 1956, Santa Rosa Hydramatic has enjoyed the reputation as being the best transmission repair shop in Santa Rosa.

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