Client Review
Ted S. — Santa Rosa CA

Santa Rosa Hydramatic is pleased to share the following client review from Ted S. of Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa Hydramatic loves getting such feedback as Ted shared as it assist with our goal of being the very best automotive repair shop in the Santa Rosa area.

I cannot recommend Santa Rosa Hydramatic more highly. The service is friendly, prompt and trustworthy. When a Novato car dealership diagnosed my car as needing a new transmission at a cost of roughly $3,800, I called Santa Rosa Hydramatic. Although they quoted a transmission replacement for roughly $2,700, within 90 minutes after I left the car at Santa Rosa Hydramatic, they called to say all I needed was a module that they would replace, with a transmission filter and fluid change, for less than $300. I gladly paid them for the work. This happened about 6 months ago. Since then, the car has run perfectly.

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