Santa Rosa CA ABS Brake Repair Service


Santa Rosa ABS Brake Services at Santa Rosa Hydramatic.

At Santa Rosa Hydramatic, we understand the importance of a properly functioning ABS brake system for your vehicle's safety. Our skilled technicians are dedicated to providing top-notch ABS brake services for all makes and models.

Santa Rosa Hydramatic ABS Brake Services Include:
  • ABS Diagnostic and Repair
  • ABS Fluid Check and Replacement
  • ABS Sensor Inspection and Replacement
  • Anti-lock Brake System Maintenance

Whether you're experiencing brake issues or just need routine maintenance, Santa Rosa Hydramatic is your go-to auto repair shop in Sonoma County.

Why Choose Santa Rosa Hydramatic for ABS Brake Services?

When you choose Santa Rosa Hydramatic for your ABS brake services, you benefit from:

  • Experienced and Certified Technicians
  • State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Equipment
  • Quality OEM Parts and Components
  • Competitive Pricing and Transparent Quotes
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
How ABS Works
  1. Wheel Speed Sensors: Monitor the rotational speed of each wheel.
  2. ABS Control Unit: Processes data from sensors and controls ABS operation.
  3. Pump and Valves: Modulate brake pressure to prevent wheel lock-up.
  4. Pulsating Brakes: Rapid modulation of brake pressure prevents skidding.
Key Components
  • Wheel Speed Sensors
  • ABS Control Module
  • Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU)
  • ABS Pump
  • Valves
Benefits of ABS
  • Maintains Steering Control
  • Shorter Stopping Distances
  • Enhanced Vehicle Stability
  • Improved Traction
  • Reduces Risk of Accidents
Common Issues and Maintenance
  1. Sensor Issues: Wheel speed sensor malfunctions.
  2. Fluid Contamination: Contaminated brake fluid affecting ABS performance.
  3. ABS Warning Light: Indicates system malfunction.
  4. Regular Brake Inspections: Crucial for overall system health.
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