Santa Rosa CA Automotive Suspension Wheel Alignment

Santa Rosa Hydramatic

The purpose of a wheel alignment is to adjust a vehicle's wheels such that all are both parallel to one another and perpendicular to the road. A proper wheel alignment consist of three fundamental angles. Those three alignment angles are the camber, caster, and the toe.

The first of the three, camber, measures the degree of perpendicular offset from a road's surface.

The caster angle relates to the angle of a wheel's pivot, which is connected to the suspension. A vehicle's straight-line tracking will be negatively impacted when the caster angle is misaligned.

The third of the three angles, toe, is the angle of directional difference between a vehicle's centerline and the tire(s). For optimal performance driving around the roads of the greater Santa Rosa area, Santa Rosa Hydramatic will align a vehicle's front and rear wheels such that they will always be perpendicular to the road, and parallel to the tire alongside it. In the long run, bring your car or truck to Santa Rosa Hydramatic for a regularly scheduled wheel alignment can potentially save on costly repairs in the long term, all the while offering the optimal performance from your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment Benefits

Reduced tire wear, better gas mileage, and overall safer driving conditions, are all benefits of having a wheel alignment done by Santa Rosa Hydramatic. A wheel alignment service will help ensure for safe and efficient around the greater Santa Rosa area. When wheels are not properly aligned the tires of a vehicle will wear unevenly, which will result in the pulling of a vehicle to the left or right while driving. When not taken care of, poor wheel alignment often results in other problems to include both suspension and steering problems. Simply put, driving a vehicle with wheels that are not aligned adds stress to not only the tires, but to other suspension components. When experiencing pulling to one side or the other when driving around the Santa Rosa area, or if a vibration of the steering wheel is felt when driving at increased speeds, contact Santa Rosa Hydramatic today to have us assist with a wheel alignment service by one of our professionally trained ASE technicians.